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The Goal of the Report Card

The primary goal of the Report Card is to assess the level of physical activity and sedentary behaviors in Louisiana’s children and youth, the level of facilitators and barriers for physical activity, and their related health outcomes. The Report Card is an authoritative, evidence-based document providing a comprehensive evaluation of the physical activity levels and the indicators influencing physical activity among children and youth in Louisiana. The Report Card takes an “ecological approach” to the problem of physical inactivity among Louisiana’s children and youth, recognizing many influences in which our kids live such as their family, school, community, and policy environments can affect their physical activity and other health behaviors. The categories and indicators in the Report Card correspond to these environmental influences on physical activity behaviors. Through this effort, we are able to track these behaviors and their influences over time and show progress, deficiencies, and inequities for each indicator.

The Report Card is a resource for health statistics on children and youth in Louisiana, but most importantly, it is an advocacy tool providing a level of accountability and call-to-action for adult decision makers on how we, as parents, teachers, medical professionals, and community leaders, can help implement new initiatives, programs, and policies in support of healthy environments to improve the physical activity levels and health of our children. The annual Report Card findings galvanize researchers and the community across Louisiana to improve our children’s physical activity opportunities and health.