The scientific paintbrush

Released: Saturday, May 27, 2017

On the fourth floor of Pennington Biomedical's basic research building you'll find art reflecting life, and in this case, science too.

A nutritionist by trade, Susan Cressap found herself inspired by the slides she saw in scientific journals of the images of vitamins and nutrients under the microscope. As she returned to LSU to study art, her natural inclination was to pick up a paint brush and give form to that inspiration.

"It's a balancing game to stay healthy. It's that biological push and pull, and that's what I want my artwork to reflect," Cressap said. "When people learn what is happening in their bodies on the cellular level and how nutrition has an impact, it makes a long-lasting impression on them."

A participant in a number of Pennington Biomedical's research studies, Cressap was inspired to create four oil-on-canvas paintings to showcase the look of macronutrients such as vitamin C and biotin under the microscope lens, all of which she donated to Pennington Biomedical in 2014. Said Cressap: "It truly is a beautiful thing how our bodies work, and the research Pennington Biomedical is doing to learn more is truly remarkable."

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